SkinClean Cleaning device


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SkinClean silicone electric facial cleanser.

A home beauty device that is comfortable to use. The product is small, so it fits nicely in a travel bag.


  • It helps remove bacteria, makeup and oil. According to experts, washing your face with hands or washcloth can leave traces of dirt, oil and other impurities in the pores which can clog and cause acne and pimple breakouts. However, when you use KMD Facial Cleanser Brush, it can remove nearly 100% dirt, oil and impurities from your skin.
  • It gives your pores a deep clean. If you're just using your hands or washcloth when cleaning your face, they can't remove all the dirt from your pores. But when you use KMD Facial Cleanser Brush, it can remove all the dirt that clogged your pores. The fine bristles of the brush can reach deep down the pores and gently scrub the dirt that lies inside them.
  • It helps exfoliate dead skin cells. Skin normally sheds off old cells then grows new ones after once a month and this is called, skin turnover. However, no matter how good it is if you don't remove the dead skin cells they will clog to the pores and can cause breakouts and skin dullness. KMD Facial Cleanser Brush soft fine bristles that vibrate and revolve at a high rate can gently exfoliate dead cells and prevent pores from getting clogged. It can also help brighten up your skin complexion and give you a radiant look. It can reach contours and small corners.

High Frequency Vibration Net Permeable Pores

Vibration frequency up to 1000 times per minute to remove makeup cleaner and reduce makeup residue.

Waterproof design  

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Skin Friendly Silicone

Food grade skin friendly silicone, feel delicate, soft, tasteless, stingy undeformed brush head, flexible and close to the skin helps to remove more impurities. Noted: Sensitive skin also can be used.

Fast charging

Built-in Lithium battery for up to 10 days at full power safety, waterproofing and leakage prevention of full package charging hole.



Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery

Function: Make-up removal, deep cleanser, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation.

Technology: ultrasonic deep cleanser.


Distributor: Lumosec Baltic OÜ

EAN CODE: 4745010199080