MyBeauty Fridge


MyBeauty Fridge is designed to store skin care products to keep your beauty products fresh.


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Introducing Estonia's first beauty fridge! A new revolutionary way to take care of skin care products!

MyBeauty Fridge is intended for the storage of skin care products. Keep your beauty products fresh. An accessory with a stylish design and functionality that fits directly into your bathroom, bathroom or bedroom.

Storing beauty products in the refrigerator prolongs the quality and shelf life of the products. Protects against sunlight, moisture, heat and bacteria. Storing sunscreens in a refrigerator helps prevent sunscreen protection from deteriorating. Storing face masks in a beauty refrigerator promotes the effectiveness of the masks. It also helps reduce cold skin with edema. Ideal to start your day and wake your face with refreshing products from the fridge. The ultimate way to extend the life of your products and a great gift selection for your beauty addicted friends!


******PS. Must ilukülmik on MATT MUST. Läikiv otsas. *****


  • 4L maht
  • Power supply: 110V AC or 220V, Power 42w
  • Dimensions: 19 x 27 x 28.5 cm
  • Cooling: 12-20˚C below room temperature
  • Cooling and heating options

Upper handle. Two removable top shelves that divide your products according to your preferences and a door basket that is perfect for holding your masks or face rollers while maintaining the ideal temperature.

Distributor: Lumosec Baltic OÜ

EAN: 4745010199660 (Must)

EAN: 4745010199691 (Valge)

EAN: 4745010199783 (Roosa)

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