Lowing™ Tanning spray (black)


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Meet the total game changer of self-tanning – Lowing tanning spray. It is a ground-breaking device that will make your tanning experience easy, enjoyable, and, most importantly, effective!

Lowing self-tanning spray does not damage the skin. The product is small and easy to carry. While regular tanners have a very intense scent, Lowing Self-Tanning Spray has a delicate and pleasant aroma on the skin. Nice for home use.

Tone: Medium Bronzing, 10%. Perfect for light skin. 100% organic, made from natural ingredients, is sugar-based and contains no nanoparticles, parabens, SLS sulphates or alcohol.

A self-tanning filler is included in the package when you purchase the device.

  • Even, natural color that lasts up to 5 days.
  • Effortless application in 1 minute.
  • Lightweight texture that leaves a pleasant scent.
  • Nourishing ingredients for a beautiful glow.
  • No mess or uneven result
  • No fake tan smell

If self-tanning liquid runs out, it is possible to buy a new refill in our e-shop - buy filler.


When using Lowing tanning spray for the first time, apply the tan for 1 minute; then use it for 30-40 seconds every other day for best results.

Distributor: Lumosec Baltic OÜ

EAN code: 4745010199028